KNX MultiLight from function Technology is the core in “New and innovative solutions” from Caverion Norway

KNX MultiLight

For more than five years, function Technology has worked with the development department in Caverion Norway (formerly YIT) to create innovative solutions for energy efficient buildings.



Caverion designs, builds and maintains user-friendly and energy-efficient building systems and offers industrial services. Their services are used in offices and retail   properties, housing, public premises and industrial plants, among other places. Their goal is to be the leading and most efficient   building systems company in Europe.



Caverion Corporation was established through the partial demerger of YIT Corporation on June 20, 2013, when YIT’s Building Services and Industrial Services operations were transferred to an independent company. Caverion Group’s revenue for 2012 amounted to approximately EUR 2.8 billion. The Norwegian branch contributed with about 20 % of this. With their 18,000 employees in 13 countries in Northern and Central Europe, Caverion Group is a significant player in the market for building services. 


As a Norwegian KNX manufacturer, we have the advantage of proximity to the market and can develop products specifically to our customers. The article on “Creating new and innovative solutions” in the customer magazine Partner confirms that we have succeeded reaching our goal of being “small enough to listen, big enough to deliver”.



In the article, Jens Petter Burud, director of technology and development in Caverion Norway, highlights the product KNX MultiLight by function Technology as “management in a smarter way, leading to reduced energy use and good indoor environment.”