New distributors

Our international launch continues and we are happy to present our newest distributors.

Johan Rönning
Johan Rönning ltd. is our new distributor for the Icelandic market. As they are the leading supplier of electrical products for the professional market, we believe that this is the start of a very interesting relationship. Johan Rönning ltd. provides its wide range of products in different locations all around Iceland.

Johan Rönning’s main mission is to “continue to be the prime driver on the professional electrical market and be recognized as a value added company that provides a broad range of high quality products and service to the electrical market”.

Medesco is our new distributor for the Greek market. Medesco works with customers to reduce operating expenses, upgrade and maintain infrastructure, stabilize energy costs, improve infrastructure efficiency, increase energy reliability and enhance the environment. As a significant player in the Greek market, we believe Medesco will be a very interesting representative for us in this market.