KNX MultiLight DALI

Article number: 44002

  • Smart and installation friendly
  • Freely configurable light control
  • Flexible temperature control
  • Free binary input integrated
  • Integrated sensor inputs
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KNX MultiLight has an integrated KNX-DALI gateway for 8 EVGs, 4 DALI groups, DALI emergency function and binary input. It also features complete thermostat controller functionality for heating and cooling.

Terminals for local sensors make it possible to extend the KNX MultiLight functionality to get movement control, brightness sensing, constant lighting control and temperature sensing.

Article number: 44002

List Price per Unit: € 333,00 ex. VAT


KNX MultiLight has an integrated KNX-DALI gateway for 8 EVGs (DALI Ballast), 4 DALI groups, broadcast, DALI emergency function. Application program featuring complete thermostat controller for heating and cooling, binary input for manual operation of lighting or shutter/blinds.

Terminals for local sensors make it possible to combine KNX MultiLight with 2Sense ML mini 42001 to get 4-channel movement control, brightness sensing and constant lighting control functionality.

Temperature sensing and manual operation is possible through the sleek user panel Reed ML 430xx.


    • Smart and installation friendly
      • Suitable for incorporation into all suspended lighting fixtures!
      • Think grid – move walls, remove walls, no hands on required!
    • Freely configurable light control
      • Integrated KNX – DALI gateway and constant light control
      • Control DALI ballast by using up to 4 groups or broadcast
      • Connect up to 8 DALI ballasts to one controller
      • Full feedback from the DALI lamps
    • Flexible temperature control
      • Utilise the temperature control that works for you
      • User-enabled teperature offset
      • Ambient temperature readings
      • Full control of the BMS system
    • Free binary input integrated
      • Easy light control using conventional switch
      • Control temperature, blinds or shutters, the control is in your hands!
    • Integrated sensor inputs
      • Individual control using the Reed panel
    • One product, One grid
      • KNX MultiLight replace single wall- and ceiling mounted light switches, movement sensors, brightness sensors, temperature regulators, light actuators and binary inputs, allowing you to control an entire meeting room or office just with one KNX device!



Video about the KNX MultiLight product family